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Emplacement : senegal, dakar
Biographie : TK is a rapper based in West Africa, born May 23, 1988 in Guédiawaye, Senegal. He lives in the popular paradise city called Dakar, more precisely in Thiaroye Sur Mer. Here he lives with his mother and father and other family members. He has 4 brothers and 5 sisters. At age 10, he started listening to music, and at 14, he started singing. As a teenager, he was one of the youngest talented artists known in his neighborhood. He remained a student at school until it became too difficult to put everything at once. He left school at 19 to play music full time. Many told him it was crazy, but he could not combine both. So he chose his passion that made him feel alive and able to work fully to realize his dream to become a legend of hip hop, which he would then tell people: "I would be, by the will of God, Incha Allah a star to recognize internationally ". He then became a member of the band "Fabulous Negro" in 2006 where he recorded several singles. As a result of the eventual separation from his band, he realized that he had his destiny in hand to become a world-renowned star and that he was doing his solo career. Only then in 2010, he confirmed his status as a local superstar when he appeared with his debut single "Burn Da City", produced by VazyMusic. Over the next decade, TK released a number of singles and performed on stages throughout Dakar, as well as in the subregion so it began to open with internationally renowned artists. In January 2019. He joins the collective "JRJP (I rap so I think) directed by Yan and Elou in collaboration with the French Institute of Dakar" In February 2019, TK recruited its first director and manager, Ranee Teague, in the United States, to expand his opportunities by collaborating with him on a number of corporate projects. He was very productive in 2019, recording feature films with International Artists for the release of his Mixtape in December 2019. He focuses mainly on his first full-length album which is scheduled for release in December 2020. At the very least, this versatile rapper has excellent metric knowledge. From his native language, Wolof, but also integrates English and French into his music, creating a wide range of fans. TK is open to advice and support to build on its career and achieve its goal of branding the universe with Gold & Platinum records.
Site Internet : @tikey_officiel
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